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You know you’re a writer when …

  • There’s a magnificent view out twenty-foot windows, but your gaze is locked onto your computer screen
  • It’s time for a shower, but you must unravel a plot thread.
  • Emptying the dishwasher you ponder a character’s personality type.
  • The conversation drifts towards editing  and you’re fixated on every word.
  • You examine techniques to create compelling conflicts.
  • You’re in the company of nine other authors who are also living and breathing their work.

I’m in the middle of a five day spring writing retreat at the Vancouver Island Mountain Centre located on Mount Washington, just outside of Courtenay.  We have our own rooms, share a large kitchen and have time to concentrate on our own projects.

Everyone is mellow yet focused and each writer has designed their day so they can focus on their goals. Some authors write in their rooms, others work in a communal area. Everyone drifts in and out of the lodge working on their own time-line. For me, this is an opportunity to dig deep into my next novel.

There is an unspoken mantra that we’re devoted to make this opportunity count.

Have you ever given yourself the gift of an escape to a writing retreat?