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Yum! Yum! Food Trucks

On my last visit to Parksville on Vancouver Island there were a number of food trucks located in the local community park. Total fun. I’m researching food trucks as they are featured in my upcoming novella Finding Tony, Book 3 in The Cooper Series (Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited).

Many trucks have memorable names such as Bee’s Knees, Rolling Cones, Best Eatz on the Streetz. You get the drift! Trucks are examined regularly. Sometimes the food preparation is done off-site and sometimes everything is organized within the small confines of the truck.

Double-decker buses and travel trailers are often used. Each food truck promotes a food speciality ranging from vegan/vegetarian, fish and meat. Vibrant colors and marketing on the side of the trucks is often eye catching and memorable.

Popular trucks often have long lines of hungry and impatient customers, while other trucks are ignored. Competition is fierce.

Do you have a favorite food truck? Where is it located? Do you think they are a passing fad?